lifetime spend for each category

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I would like to understand the lifetime spend for each category, i m interested in Rings vs Necklaces.

However the product category is set only on PLP and PDP pages.

So I am trying to understand how to get lifteime spend for each category given that the on confirmation page  i have the product name and id but not the category.

After that being able to get the spend for Rings and Necklaces



lifetime spend for each category

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I will give it a go along with another solution I thought.

I will keep you posted.

lifetime spend for each category

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@billysballo Your problem is that product_category is not present in the data layer on the order confirmation page, only product_id.  Presumably, both product_id and product_category are present on the PLP and PDP pages, as well as the add to cart event?

In that case, one approach is to "remember" the most recent product_id and product_category and then use this "remembered" value when incrementing the Tally on the confirmation page event, if the product_id there matches the most recently "remembered" product_id.

You could either do this "remembering" client-side (using for example a Persist Data Value extension) or in AudienceStream (using for example a pair of visit String attributes).