setting up an audience for the first time

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Apologies in advanced if what i'm attempting to describe gets confusing. 

I am attempting to set up an audience for the first time and i'm very a new user to tealium

Ideally, what I would like to do is to utlize the "Modal Offer" extension so that a modal will only display for specific users, would like the modal only to display when the user logs into their account, and after the user has clicked on the modal, the modal to no longer appear when they come back to login to their account?

Any help/suggestions/guidence would be appreciated!





setting up an audience for the first time

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Hi @tsmith93036

There are a few ingredients to what you require, but it can all be done in a relatively straightforward way.

The first ingredient is to understand how "Data Layer Enrichment" (DLE) means that the AudienceStream Visitor Profile is brought back into the data layer. Read all of that article because there are a couple of subtleties there.

The second ingredient is to think about what you mean by "only display for specific users". This sounds like an Audience, although with DLE, you could use any Visitor Attribute, such as a badge, as the condition to trigger the Modal Offer.

If the logic to determine who these "specific users" are is Audience based, then you could build this logic in AudienceStream. Alternatively, it may be that you have a list of users externally that you wish to target. In this case, Omnichannel or the Collect API would be the usual ways to get this list into AudienceStream.

The next ingredient is the modal offer extension itself, with a condition based on
a. The user being logged in (presumably you can determine this in the data layer)
b. The user being one of the specific users (with DLE, you can also determine this from the data layer)
c. That the user has not already clicked on the modal (see below)

You said that you didn't want to show the modal again once it has been clicked on. The simplest way to do this will be to add a click handler to the HTML inside the modal to call a JS method where you can set a cookie for the visitor lifetime to "remember" that they have already seen the modal and not to show it again

For example, inside your modal's HTML, the link / creative might be inside this;


<a target="_blank" href="" onClick="utag.myModalClicked()"><img src="" /></a>



You can declare the code to react to this in a JS DOM Ready Extension, as follows;

utag.myModalClicked = function(){
utag.loader.SC("utag_main", {"myModalClicked": "true"});

And then your condition above that controls if the modal is shown or not can have a condition that says that utag_main_myModalClicked is not defined.

setting up an audience for the first time

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! 

I'll go over what you have provided and start testing things out.