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Tealium Expert Program

The Tealium Expert program is a place where data heroes and marketing technology gurus are celebrated for sharing their Tealium product knowledge. It’s our way of giving a little “TLC” to those who help others to learn how to use Tealium’s products.

It's also our way of saying THANK YOU for being a part of the our Community. How do we say thank you? By offering special benefits for those who participate in the program.

If becoming a Tealium Expert sounds interesting read on:

I Want to Become a Tealium Expert
To begin your journey to becoming an expert all you need to do is start answering questions on the Tealium Learning Community. There is no application process, just answer questions posted within the forums to the best of your knowledge.
Selection Criteria
In order to become a Tealium Expert you must be a Tealium customer or partner. Tealium Experts must display positive community participation, provide helpful advise, and strive to answer questions to the best of their ability.
Rewards and Benefits
Tealium Experts receive early access to new features and community rewards such as enhanced signature capabilities, access to the Tealium Secret Sanctuary and special badges.
This quarter our Tealium Expert spotlight shines bright on Mitchell Teixeira.
Srinivasan Mohan
Mitchell Teixeira is a Digital Analytics Implementation Specialist at Active Network and has been a web developer since 1997. With nearly 15 years of experience implementing web (digital) analytics and analysis, Mitchell became involved with Tealium iQ Tag Management in 2012 and has worked with Tealium ever since. Mitchell's day-to-day involves designing and maintaining digital analytics solutions, coordinating marketing tags, and working with data teams to maximize use of his company's data assets.

When Mitchell is not working he enjoys time with family, photography, and traveling. Mitchell is a self professed transportation geek - nerding out on planes, ships, trains, automobiles, architecture and design.

When asked how Tealium has helped improve Active Network's business, Mitchell replied, "Tealium continuously adds value with an amazing product offering such as Tealium iQ Tag Management and AudienceStream, great support, and helpful tools."

We here at Tealium are grateful to have Mitchell as a Tealium Expert and look forward to many years of working together.