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This page is filled with helpful tips and tools that can assist Tealium Experts to debug the data layer, verify a tag configuration, or diagnose an issue with an installation. 


A comprehensive list of Tealium Tools can be found in the Tealium Tools Chrome Extension document.


The tools that we feel will be most beneficial on your quest to help troubleshoot Tealium problems are:


  • Universal Tag Debugger
    A new tool for validating the Universal Data Object and event tracking calls. The Universal Tag Debugger provides an easy way to validate your data layer and event tracking in real-time as you navigate your site.
  • Environment Switcher
    A powerful testing tool that allows you to change the Tealium files (utag.js, utag.sync.js) that are loaded on a page by specifying an environment (Dev, QA, Prod) and/or an Account/Profile. Upon launching the tool the current account and profile detected on the page will be displayed, followed by several tabs of configuration where you can adjust the behavior of the switcher.
  • CSS Selector Tool
    A simple tool that helps you determine the selector for a specific element in a page. This selector is often used in the congfiguration of a jQuery onHandler Extension. This tool requires that jQuery already be loaded on the page.
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