I Want to Become a Tealium Expert

Employee Emeritus

Do you have a passion for marketing technology and data? Do you like helping others fix their most pressing marketing technology and data challenges? Are you the type that enjoys fixing an annoying bug or figuring out a good puzzle? Then you may just be up for the challenge!


Being a Tealium Expert means that you have a passion for helping others solve tough marketing and data technology challenges. You are a marketing technology guru, with a side of data hero, that thrives on fixing data silo issues all while simultaneously creating amazing customer experiences.


But not everyone is meant to be a Tealium Expert. There is a certain level of commitment and time that needs to be given, plus a desire to help others, and a certain passion for puzzle solving. If you think you’ve got what it takes, however, read on!


Being a Tealium Expert can be an enormously rewarding experience. You'll not only to connect with other Tealium Experts but also stay up to date with the latest innovations at Tealium. 


To be a Tealium Expert you may have certain qualities such as:

  • A competitive spirit
  • Enjoy posting on forums or blogs
  • Are technical in nature; coding and fixing bugs is in your blood
  • Feel comfortable writing technically and conversationally

Why should I become a Tealium Expert?

Besides helping people from around the globe with their marketing and data technology problems, other benefits of becoming a Tealium Expert include:

  • Keeping your coding skills sharp
  • Improving your resume and, potentially, your career
  • Connecting with other Tealium users from around the world
  • Trying out beta releases of Tealium's latest releases

Getting Started

To begin your journey to becoming an expert all you need to do is start answering questions on the Tealium Learning Community. There is no application process, just answer questions posted within the forums to the best of your knowledge.

Achieving Expert Status

As your contributions grow, you’ll earn points and move up in rank within the Tealium Learning Community.


There is no specific rank required to become a Tealium Expert. Your TLC rank, however, does reflect your level of participation and the quality of your contributions.


You can move up through the Tealium Learning Community ranks by doing the following:

  • Posting
  • Having your answers accepted as a solution
  • Receiving kudos
  • Giving kudos

Maintaining Expert Status

In order to maintain your status as a Tealium Expert you must be an active contributor on the Tealium Learning Community. How much time you spend is up to you.

Let's Get Started

Are you ready to start sharing? Login and start answering questions today! You could soon be counted among the few that can be called a Tealium Expert.