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Employee Emeritus

Be a Tealium Expert

That "Pay-it-Forward" Feeling


Having the opportunity to participate in the Tealium Expert Program can be an immensely rewarding experience. There aren’t many other places where you can proudly share your expertise and passion for Tealium products. Helping others with their marketing technology issues can also give you that "pay-it-forward" feeling. Once you start sharing your Tealium expertise you'll understand just how valuable your knowledge really is.

Be a Hero 

Tealium customers rave when they get a quick solution to their technology-related questions. Use your expertise to help others and make their day.  

Influence New Tealium Products

Tealium is known for innovative solutions to tough marketing technology problems but that doesn’t happen without valuable customer feedback. As a Tealium Expert, we look to you for guidance and insight into how to improve our products. 

Connect with Peers

Becoming a member of Tealium's elite inner circle means that you get to connect with other Tealium fans and employees who are equally passionate about marketing technology and real-time data capabilities. 

Staying Up to Date

There’s no substitute for experience. As a Tealium Expert, you’ll increase your Tealium skill set and become even more tech-savvy about various marketing technologies, like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, marketing automation, and even SEO. Because Tealium is connected to so many different types of marketing technologies, you'll continue to stay up to date and grow as we grow! 

Satisfy Your Competitive Streak 

Channel your inner gamer and compete against other Tealium Experts in contests and games to earn badges and points, and get the kind of satisfaction that only comes from winning.

Build Global Relationships

From New Jersey to Tokyo, don’t miss the chance to gain global recognition as a member of Tealium’s important global support community.  

Get Rewarded 

Through our Tealium Experts, we connect with our customers and provide them with essential support—that’s something we value. 

Additional Tealium Learning Community Rewards Include

  • Enhanced signature capabilities
  • Exclusive access to the Tealium Secret Sanctuary
  • Invitations to give feedback on changes made within the Tealium Learning Community
  • Special badges added to your Tealium Learning Community profile
  • Early access to beta programs with an invitation to provide feedback on new features
  • Being the Tealium Expert Spotlight for the Quarter
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