This article describes the Tealium Predict ML product tiers and feature availability based on the number of models deployed and trained.

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Trial Tier

The trial tier of Tealium Predict is available automatically to accounts with the Tealium AudienceStream CDP product enabled and offered at no additional charge.

The trial tier includes the following:

  • One (1) deployed model at a time
  • Five (5) trained versions across all models

Deploying a model and creating trained versions allows you to evaluate the full process from start to finish. However, after you create five trained versions, the ability to retrain a model is disabled. Your models will still work, but the accuracy will decline over time without continued training.

Example: Single Model

In the trial tier, the five trained versions can be used on a single model. For example:

  • Model A with five versions (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)

In this scenario, while you can only deploy one of the versions at a time, you can undeploy a version then deploy a different one.

Example: Multiple Models

In the trial tier, the five trained versions can be used across multiple models. For example:

  • Model A with two versions (A1, A2)
  • Model B with one version (B1)
  • Model C with two versions (C1, C2)

In this scenario, you can only deploy one of the models at a time (A, B, or C). You cannot simultaneously deploy both Model A and Model B.

Suggested Starting Points

These are suggested starting points for your first model:

  • Identify visitors with a high likelihood for conversion to optimize your budget for those visitors.
  • Identify visitors with a low likelihood for conversion and exclude them from targeting.
  • Explore the health of your existing visitor attributes to see which ones might correlate with your business goals.

To get started, simply add your first model.

Paid Tier

To go beyond the trial tier of Tealium Predict, you must upgrade to the paid tier. The paid tier allows any number of deployed models and trained versions. The cost of the paid tier is based on the event volume of your account and the number of trained versions needed.

Contact your customer success manager for more information.