This article describes how to retrain a model after evaluating the model and determining changes are required to improve predictions.

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Determine Needed Changes and Prepare for Retraining

Use the following sections as a guide to prepare your model for retraining.

Edit a Trained Model

Use the following steps to review and edit a trained model:

  1. Click on a trained model to expand the details.
  2. Click the drop-down menu to the right of the Edit button and select View Target Attribute or View Output Attribute.
    See Review and Start Training for detailed steps.
  3. Review the attributes and click the pencil icon to adjust as needed.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Save and Publish your changes

Retrain the Model

Use the following steps to retrain your model:

  1. Click on the trained model to expand the details.
  2. From the Status column in the summary, click the Trained status.
    Predict Click Status to Retrain.jpg
    Training details for Version 1 display.
  3. Click Retrain Model.
  4. Adjust Advanced Options if needed, such as:
    • Training Date Range
    • Attributes to Include
    • Attributes to Exclude
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Click Retrain Model again to verify that you want to proceed with retraining.
    Your model is now "Version 2" with a status of "Requires Publish".
  7. Save and Publish your changes.
    Your model is now "Version 2" with a status of "In Training".

View Retrained Results for Deployment Readiness

After your new version is trained, see Evaluating the Trained Version to view the results of retraining. Continue to adjust if needed. When satisfied, proceed to deploy your model.

Next Steps

When you are satisfied with your results and ready to deploy, go to Deploying a Model.