This document describes how to use optional advanced configuration options to select a training date range and select attributes to exclude, if desired.

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Configure Advanced Options

Use the following sections as a guide to configure advanced options for your model.

Select the Training Date Range

Select the training date range you want to use:

  1. Under Choose Training Date Range, select Use all available data or Custom.
    Use all available data is the default option and is recommended.
  2. If you select Custom, use the calendar drop-down menu s to select a date range.
    Selecting a prediction timeframe determines the date range for the data you want to train on. The default value for the second date range is today's date.

    The date you select must be in the past and cannot be greater than today's date. You can select dates as far back as you want from the point when your profile began collecting data.

Choose Attributes to Exclude (Optional)

Predict evaluates all attributes and selects the most predictive attributes by default. To improve how well your model performs on data after it is retrained, you can optionally choose to exclude one or more attributes from your model.

Use the following steps to choose additional attributes to exclude:

  1. Under Choose Attributes to exclude, select Use all available attributes or Select attributes to exclude.
    Use all available attributes is the default option and is recommended.
  2. If you selected Select attributes to exclude, use the drop-down list to select one or more attributes to exclude from your model results.
  3. To exclude more attributes, click the plus sign (+) as many times as you need and select another attribute from the drop-down list for each exclusion.
  4. To remove an attribute you previously selected, click the minus (-) sign to the right of that attribute.
    Preduct Exclude Attributes.jpg
  5. Click Finish.

    The first time you add a model, you are prompted to accept the terms of use in order to proceed. Read the agreement and, if you accept, click I accept the terms of use.

    Your new model now displays as Version 1 with a status of Requires Publish.
    Model versions are automatically numbered consecutively, in the order they are created.

Next Steps

To continue, go to Review and Start Training.