This article describes the Tealium Predict Machine Learning product tiers and availability based on the number of models created, used, and deployed.

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If you have the Tealium AudienceStream product, you automatically have access to a "test drive" of Tealium Predict. Review each of the articles in the left navigation bar to get started with your first model. To continue after using the trial tier, contact your account representative to begin planning for additional models to expand your findings and continue growth.

Trial Tier

The trial tier includes includes one (1) deployed model and five (5) trained versions of the model to use as you see fit. With the Tealium AudienceStream product, you can immediately access your trial period. Having a deployed model allows you to view the process from start to finish and plan for next steps.

To start, simply add your first model. When you upgrade, you can continue to use the model you created and deployed in the trial tier.

Suggested Starting Points

You can use the trial period for any type of model you desire. The following list provides suggested starting points for your first model:

  • Predict which users are good targets (high likelihood), or bad targets (low likelihood), based on your ultimate goal by identifying users with a high likelihood for conversion and optimizing your budget for those users.
  • Identify users with a low likelihood for conversion and exclude those users.
  • Explore insights for a previously designed customer attribute, such as making a prediction to see which data points correlate with your goal.

Beyond the Trial

Beyond the trial period, Tealium Predict is a paid feature of Tealium AudienceStream, which must be contracted. After you use your "free" trained versions, training is disabled. Your models still work, but model accuracy decline for that model without continued training to refresh your data model.

To create more models and continue with training, contact your account representative.

Usage and Billing

You do not automatically incur charges if you attempt to use Tealium Predict beyond the trial period. To incur billing, you must have a signed contract. The cost of the Tealium Predict product is based on volume tiers and the number of model trainings.