This document describes how to get started by selecting the AudienceStream output attributes you want to add or exclude for your data model.

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Tealium Predict is an AudienceStream feature that evaluates visit and visitor-level attributes in AudienceStream. EventStream data is not evaluated.

Build and Define Your Model

To use Tealium Predict, the first step is to build and define a model. To do this, first determine which data and attributes of significance you want to gather or omit.

Plain Language Indicators

Predict displays information in plain language about each attribute in the drop-down list of available attributes that provides detailed information about the health of each attribute. This feature helps you determine, in advance, whether an attribute is a healthy or unhealthy candidate to use as an output attribute, as shown in the following example.

Predict Plain Language Indicator Returing Visitor.jpg

Target Attributes

A target attribute signals when an action has been performed. For example, a Boolean visit attribute named "Has Purchased" signals that a purchase event has occurred during a visit. These attributes will be Visit or Visitor-level Booleans.

Exclusion Attributes

Predict reviews each attribute in your AudienceStream profile automatically determines the top attributes that have a predictive relationship for the action you want to predict. Defining exclusion attributes is optional.

To learn more about exclusion attributes, see Advanced Configuration Options.

Get Started

Go to Selecting Target Attributes to get started.