Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips

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Known Issues

No known issues with the latest release

Debugging the Tealium iQ and/or Cordova Webview

Once the app is compiled, you can use the Safari Developer Tools for iOS and the Chrome Developer Tools for Android to remotely inspect the Tealium web view.

For Chrome/Android, go to "chrome://inspect" and look for "mobile.html". For Safari/iOS, go to Develop -> <Your Device Name> -> "mobile.html".

All network requests generated by the Tealium plugin will appear in the "Network" tab of the developer tools for each browser.

You must connect your device with a USB cable to use this feature.

Any errors logged during Tealium initialization will be stored on the global variable window.tealium_cordova_error. If Tealium init fails, check this variable in the JavaScript console (via Chrome or Safari) for error messages. Errors are stored here, because it is not always possible to inspect the app in time before the init occurs, so this method allows for later access to the error message.

Remote debugging generally only works for debug/dev builds of your app. It is usually disabled for production builds

General Advice

  • If you have any issues building your app, you may need to remove and re-add the platform using the following Cordova command:

cordova platform rm <platform>

cordova platform add <platform>

Substitute "<platform>" for either "android" or "ios" as appropriate.

This usually also resolves spurious XCode code signing errors when building for a physical device.


If you experience any trouble with CocoaPods when running your build, issue the command pod cache clean --all && pod repo update, which should clear your local CocoaPods cache.