Swift Class: TealiumConfig

Swift Class: TealiumConfig

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This guide specifies the syntax of the functions available in the TealiumConfig class of the Tealium for Swift library.

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Constructor for a TealiumConfig object. This object is required to initialize the library for your specific account.

var config = TealiumConfig(account: "your_account", profile: "your_profile", environment: "dev_qa_or_prod")
Parameters Type Description
account String Tealium account name
profile String Tealium profile name (usually "main")
environment String Tealium environment: "dev", "qa", or "prod"
log level Integer Log level: 0=None, 1=Errors, 2=Warnings, 3=All



Use to set or override config settings. Currently, this can be used to override the destination URL for tracking calls using the tealiumKey_overrideCollectURL key.

config.setOptionalData(key: tealiumKey_overrideCollectURL, value:"https://aleternate.destionation.url")
Parameters Type Description
key String The key of the data item to set
value String The value to set


Use to retrieve data that was previously set with setOptionalData().

if let value = config.getOptionalData(key: tealiumKey_overrideCollectURL) as? String {
print("Override url has been set to: \(value)")
Parameters Type Description
String The key of the data item to get