Swift Module: TagManagement

Swift Module: TagManagement

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This guide shows how to install and use the TagManagement module from the Tealium Swift library. This module works in conjunction with your iQ Tag Management account to run compatible tags in your Swift app.
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  • Mobile Profile in iQ (see Creating a Mobile Profile)
  • Swift 3.0+
  • Access to Apple's UIKit framework on the target platform (iOS, watchOS)

Installation & Configuration

The TagManagement module can be found in the main repo's tealium/tagmanagement folder. It is automatically included in the dependency builds. 

To disable the module, do one of the following:

  • Add "tagmanagement" to a blacklist modulesList (see TealiumConfig, this is the recommended option)
  • For manual lib integrations: can delete or dereference the module folder files from the target project
  • For manual lib integrations: set the module's configuration 'enabled' property to 'false' (no longer recommended)

Webview Access

All the normal UIWebview protocols are accessible by adding another object conforming the UIWebView delegate to the module's multicast delegate: