A variable is assigned to other events even if it's not required.

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We are facing an issue with variables firing on unrelated events.


for ex. I have a page and let's take "Event A" which needs "variable V" to be fired with certain value.

on the same page if i perform "Event B" after "Event A" without refreshing the page then for that also "variable V" is fired even if it is not required and not coded to be fired.


This "Variable V" is being fired for every event performed after "Event A" on the page with the same variable value unless that value is changed as per the user interaction or the page is refreshed.


Why this is happenning and how it can be solved?



A variable is assigned to other events even if it's not required.

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Hi @shailesh_gaikwa


Because you haven't said if this is a data layer issue or a tag issue, I will give you two examples.


1) If this is a data layer issue, then I suggest that you update utag.js loader to the latest release. As of ~v4.40 (I think), we switched the behaviour so that the only data sent via a utag.view/link/trigger is the data sent and then the cp/meta/qp/JS vars. 


2) If for example you are using a tag like GA, there are several settings that control when data is sent. For example All events (set) will send data on all events unlike: page view, link, transactions or explicit enhanced e-commerce hits that will limit to when a data point is sent.


Hopefully one of these two examples will have helped.



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