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AdWords Remarketing for all pages - Which Tag to use?

I've added the "Google AdWords Remarketing" template tag to fire on every page of my site, however, I'm not seeing AdWords being detected via Google's Tag Assitant Extension, even though it's showing it fired in Tealium.

What is the proper way to implement the all pages AdWords tag?

This article indicates that this tag I'm using should only load on pages such as Cart, Checkout, or Purchase/Thank you...which does not cover the goal of remarketing for all pages.

I have the "Google AdWords Conversion Tracking" tag setup to fire on the thank_you page and this one is showing AdWords being active in Google's Tag Assistant. 

Thanks in advance!


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Re: AdWords Remarketing for all pages - Which Tag to use?

Hello @bva-developer,

Could you please elucidate on a higher level what is the precise requirement to tag for all the pages via Adwords tag.

Ensure "Load rules" set to all the pages instead of set ip up with specific pages.

Hope it helps! Happy Learning!!!

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