Add HotJar User ID to UDO

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Has anyone had success in extracting the User ID assigned to a recording in HotJar (tag implemented through Tealium) and assigning it to a UDO variable? I'd love to be able to assign it to a custom variable in Google Analytics.



Add HotJar User ID to UDO

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@sathomps Did you try and it not work? The HotJar tag supports mapping the Hotjar ID (hjid). You should be able to use a Set Data Values extension to set the ID and then map it to the HotJar and Google Analytics tag. 

Add HotJar User ID to UDO

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Hi @sathomps,


Bad news:

Hotjar seem to have gone back on the user ID. I tried implementing it about a month ago in GTM, and it looks like the ID changes on each page load.


My question to HJ support:

My question regards accessing Hotjar User ID in page DOM.
This used to be available as a 'userId' variable in, then, but now it is not.
The variable 'key' available in has the same format as User ID, but is reset on page reload.

Is there a way of retrieving the user ID now?


This is what I got from them:

I'm told that we may provide this ability again in the future, though I don't have an ETA for it at the moment, as we're currently focusing on improving other aspects of Hotjar.

Checking our current requests for this, it unfortunately seems that not a lot of users are voting on this feature - this is why it's pivotal for us to get this feedback on our "Suggest a Feature" tool.