Add variables to Adobe Analytics through Tealium

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If we go to, we could see that there is one Adobe Analytics call fired from this page. (You could see this using any of the AA debuggers or developer tools network tab filtering This call is fired from the AA library already present on the page. We have variables in there like evar1,evar10 etc.

If you look further into the page source, we have tealium tags on the page. Suppose I want to add evar2 as well into the same AA call that is firing at the moment. Can I do this through tealium?

Let me know if you need any further details. 



Add variables to Adobe Analytics through Tealium

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Tealium Expert


Thanks for sharing the details @sumkumar. Looking at the website, I suspect Adobe analytics for this website is built outside of Tealium tools. Based on this assumption, here are some feedbacks.

Independent of any tools like Tealium or others: As long as the variables are set before Adobe analytics call is triggered, it would be incorporated into the page view call. Custom link calls s.linkTrackVars to limit variables sent. So you may need to override the s.linkTrackVars when adding new variables.

I haven’t tested it out, But I think it is possible.

Per my recommendation, I would not suggest this way, as your analytics code would be spread across different tools. E.g. some in the website code, some in Tealium etc. It would soon be a maintenance nightmare.

With the advent of Tag Management systems, best possible way would be to use tag management solutions like Tealium IQ for analytics and other marketing tags. Some of the advantages of this approach would be, maintain the code in one centralized repository, less worry about the website development lifecycles and high speed to market capabilities.

Hope this helps. Please reach out if you need any additional details.

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