Adding Script Pixel

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Hi All,

Vendor has asked me to place this (anonymized for the question) tag and I'm running into some issues, would it be best done through the Custom Container and, if so, where would the script be inserted in the JS section?

<script src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">

          cntrXxTag.track('cntrData', 'xxxxxxxxxxx');





Adding Script Pixel

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Hi @noahtwe ,

If the desired tag is not availble in the Tag marketsplace, Yes ofcourse you can go-ahead with the use of Custom Container tag.


You can go ahead using the Tealium Generic Tag (supports iframe, img, script) which will be easy in your case. 

We can add the base url in the Tag UI itself and the other track script which we can include in the calback function as mentioned in the document.


If you want to go ahead with the custom container instead of Generic Tag then you need to make few changes in the tag template as follows (mentioned in the tag document)

Step 1:  Adding base URL in the tag template

Uncomment the line number 51 and add the base url


Step 2: Adding the Second script track code

Uncomment the line no 84,85,93 and add your tack codeCallBack.JPG

Step 3: Uncommeting the u.loader functions (Line no: 101,103 to 106)

Loader function.JPG


This should make the tag works. 





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