Adding Webtrends extension

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Silver Contributor DeebuGeorge

Hi Team,

We have been tasked to add lib-webtrends-meta extension to couple of profiles.

Could someone please show some light as to what we should be doing, when we tried to find Webtends using as a search we could not get any result.


Thanks in Advance 



Adding Webtrends extension

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

Hi @DeebuGeorge - that's correct, it's not a Tealium pre-made extension nor is it a TiQ marketplace tag.  However you'll use a Tealium JavaScript Extension or a Tealium Custom Container to add the WebTrends meta library to your profiles.  Do you have any other info, such as the URL of the library?  


In the meantime, others using Webtrends may chime in with good info as well...


Adding Webtrends extension

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

If the extension in question is simply one which takes a meta tag such as:

<meta name="WT.sp" content="Dotcom;PersonalHome"/>

And passes the value of the content attribute into the parameter specified in the name attribute, then this can be handled by the base tag natively, but Tealium is already doing a lot of the heavy lifting anyway, so you wouldn't necessarily need anything complex..

You could do it with a tag-scoped extension, running within the Webtrends tag, with the following code:

for(var k in b){
  if(k.indexOf("meta.WT.") == 0 || k.indexOf("meta.DCS.") == 0 || k.indexOf("meta.DCSext.") == 0){[k] = k.substr(5);
} }

What this does is iterates over all the UDO variables in the event payload (which includes the "meta.*" variables that Tealium automatically picks up from meta tags), identifies any with the WT, DCS or DCSext prefixes that denote a Webtrends meta tag, and then adds an entry into the tag variable mapping that pushes those into the specified variable name.

So in the example above, it would create a mapping from the UDO variable "meta.WT.sp" to the target variable within the tag "WT.sp", which I believe replicates the built-in WT base tag behaviour with the minimum of fuss.