Adding columns to events__all_events in redshift

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Here is a question for the smart kids.


I can't figure out the process to make sure columns are added to my redshift db in events__all_events. 


Some times I can get columns added and all I do is add a data layer element in IQ. Sometimes I have to add it as a data layer element, then go into AudienceStream and create data attributes before they show up. Sometimes despite everything I try, nothing shows up. 


Does anyone know what the steps are to make sure that a piece of data is showing up in redshift?


NOTE : I did go through the documentation and go to the DataAccess Console > Event Store to pull down a chunk of data. I found the data element there with the title of 'udo_transactionid', so it is collecting somewhere. Just not where I expect it. 





Adding columns to events__all_events in redshift

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I figured it out! Well, I cornered a Teailum employee at the annual confernce and they helped me figure it out. 


Turns out, all you need to do is add the data layer attribute to the IQ profile that aligns to the AS profile and it will all work through the system and show up in the RedShift database. 


For my problem, it turns out everything is working just fine. I just didn't add the data layer to the right profile.


We have multiple IQ profiles, but point them all to one (our 'main') Audience Stream profile. I previously setup the data layer attributes in one of our other profiles, but not our 'main' profile. Once I added the attributes to 'main' and published, it showed up. 


The Tealium folks said there is some settings that they can enable on our other profiles so everything feeds into the db, but this is always a failsafe method.