Adobe Analytics Implementation

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Greetings for the day. I am new to Tealium IQ and trying to implement Adobe Analytics with it. I want to create multiple AA tags for scenarios like Page View(s), Link Click(s), Add To Cart(s), Product View(s), etc. So, do I need to provide the configuration details, such as the Report Suite ID, Tracking server .etc, for each tag, or is there any way to specify these details once? Any suggestions would be helpful.


Adobe Analytics Implementation

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Hi KeeratSachdeva,

There is no need to create separate tags for events, as you can use the tag mappings to trigger each event.

Below is how you can use mappings to trigger an event.

Mapping Events

Use the Events section in the mapping toolbox to define when an event should be triggered depending on the value of a certain variable.

When a variable is selected and you click Events in the left sidebar, two fields display, Value, and Trigger.

  • The Value box is where you define the value of the variable.
  • The Trigger box is where you select the Adobe event to track.

In this example. we configure the Adobe events prodView and scView to trigger when the variable page_type equals product and cart, respectively:

Data Mapping_Events_Value and Trigger.jpg

Here is a link to the complete documentation for you to reference.


Kind regards.