Adobe Analytics visitorAPI for mobile implementation

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we are trying to implement the Tealium mobile SDK on a react native app (hybrid as a few bunch of pages will load as webview). We don't have event stream so we will use Tealium IQ instead and the hidden webview to pass data to Adobe Analytics.

I struggle a bit to understand how the Adobe Experience Clould ID Service tag (visitorAPI) works for an app and if it is required at all. Does it pick up the UUID from the app an use it as ECID (Experience Cloud Id) or do we have to pass it from the app data layer to the tag?

I found this on the documentation but I am not sure whether it is the best practice and how to implement it

Is there any end to end guide to implement Adobe Analytics on mobile? Or at least a best practice?




Adobe Analytics visitorAPI for mobile implementation

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Hello Davide,

Implementing the Tealium mobile SDK in a React Native app, along with integrating Adobe Analytics, can be done effectively. Let's go over the usage of the Adobe Experience Cloud ID Service tag (visitorAPI) and how it works within a mobile app.

The Adobe Experience Cloud ID Service tag (visitorAPI) is used to manage the Experience Cloud ID (ECID) for tracking and identifying visitors across different devices and touchpoints. It helps maintain consistency in user identification and data stitching. In a mobile app, the ECID is typically generated and managed by the Tealium mobile SDK.

To implement Adobe Analytics in a React Native app with Tealium, here are the general steps:

  1. Install the Tealium mobile SDK in your React Native app by following the documentation and integration guides provided by Tealium.

  2. Set up the Adobe Analytics integration in Tealium IQ:

    • In your Tealium IQ account, configure the Adobe Analytics tag and define the necessary mappings and settings to track and send data to Adobe Analytics.
    • Ensure that the required Adobe Analytics libraries and configurations are properly set up within the Tealium IQ tag.
  3. Initialize the Tealium SDK and configure Adobe Analytics:

    • In your React Native app, initialize the Tealium SDK by providing the appropriate configuration, including your Tealium account details and any custom settings.
    • Within the Tealium configuration, make sure to include the necessary settings for Adobe Analytics integration, such as the report suites, tracking variables, and any additional configuration required for your analytics implementation.
  4. Data Layer and Event Tracking:

    • Define your app's data layer, which represents the data structure and variables you want to track and send to Adobe Analytics.
    • Utilize the Tealium mobile SDK's functions and methods to track events, screen views, and other user interactions, passing the relevant data from your app's data layer to Tealium.

Regarding the ECID (Experience Cloud ID), it is generated and managed by the Tealium mobile SDK. You don't need to pass it explicitly from the app's data layer to the visitorAPI tag. The Tealium SDK takes care of managing the ECID and sending it to Adobe Analytics when tracking events.

The documentation link you provided seems to be cut off, so I couldn't view the specific details. However, Tealium's official documentation should provide you with the necessary information on implementing Adobe Analytics in a mobile app, including best practices and guidelines. I recommend exploring the Tealium documentation for Adobe Analytics integration in mobile apps.

Additionally, you can refer to the Adobe Analytics documentation for general guidance on mobile app tracking and best practices. Adobe provides detailed resources and guides specifically tailored to implementing Analytics in mobile apps, which can help you understand the recommended approaches and techniques.

If you encounter any specific issues during the implementation or have further questions,Let me know.

Shivam Joshi

shivam joshi

Adobe Analytics visitorAPI for mobile implementation

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I was looking for an answer from someone who actually faced and tackled a similar issue (or even better from a Tealium mobile expert), not for a copy and paste from chatGPT or similar services.