Adobe Experience Cloud Tag: disableThirdPartyCookies

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I need to set the following Function variable into "Adobe Experience Cloud ID Service" tag in order to stop the demdex cookie from being served on my websites.

disableThirdPartyCookies: true


I'd rather avoid any tag template customization so I think that mapping a custom value ("true") directly into the tag Data Mappings and map it to config.disableThirdPartyCookies won't be enough because I should add a line in object, right?

Can I create a tag scoped javascript extension and write the following into it?

b.config.disableThirdPartyCookies = "true";

I've tried but it does not seem to be working :(


Adobe Experience Cloud Tag: disableThirdPartyCookies


Hi @gianca ,

Great question!

For the Adobe Experience Cloud ID tag, you can map directly to the config mapping and it will respect those values.

For example, you can use set up the mapping by:

- Use Custom Value

- Choose JS Code (as you want a boolean and not a string)

- Enter True

- Change the destination to config.disableThirdPartyCookies


Let me know if this helps!

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