Adobe Target: anti-flicker Script does not show body on time

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Hey guys

after using Adobe Target synchronously (through utag.sync.js) my company wants to jump on the asynchronous train using Adobe Experience Cloud Visitor ID as tag in conjunction with the latest Adobe Target tag (2.3.0), both bundled into the utag.js.

The target library is played out using the visitor ID service is used, all good so far. 

Problem is: the page flickers when displaying Target A/B tests which was never the case when we synchronously played out the old at.js library via utag.sync.js and it blocked the rendering of other page parts.

Of course it's an asynchrounous issue since the necessary calls to Target to retrieve information about the running A/B tests while the rest of the page continuing to load / render.

Adobe is having it's own documentation on this, providing a body-hide script that needs to be implemented on the page (I placed it in the utag.sync.js for testing). This script has a built-in timeout which will show the body again after 3s of white void. 


Correct me if I am wrong but looking at the target tag the body should be shown as soon as the necessary target calls are made which never seems to happen. So we have an ugly 3s white page before anything is shown even though there are Target activities already rendered on the body, i.e. partially cut off animations as soon as the body shows.

Again, I can see all target activities being loaded in the network request (filtered for "delivery?client=") and on the page so basically the library does what it should, just not show the content on time...

Grateful for any ideas