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Adobe cookie stitching?

On our way into the Adobe world, I stumbled upon this Tealium tagd, "Adobe Analytics Cookie Matching Service".

I cannot find any more info about it and cannot understand from the one sentence description what I would use it for. What would be a use case for this tag? Why would I like (or need) to use it?



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Re: Adobe cookie stitching?

 Hi @aperez,

As I understand it, this tag is meant to be used for stitching visitor cookies when you are implementing Adobe Analytics by using the Tealium collect tag and Event Stream. I don't have much experience with it, but I can imagine it's meant to match the cookies from Tealium with the ones from the Marketing Cloud. Probably the connector in Event Stream just reads the aa element in utag_main:


There's no need for this tag when doing a classic client-side integration.