????Anyone Use Tealium to Implement Medallia Digital?

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I'm curious if any tealium users have gone through the process of using the Medallia tag in TiQ to add Medallia to their web applications? 



Also more a question for Tealium staff, if anyone knows if the Medallia tag is just for Medallia or is it for Medallia Digital? (Similar thing to Tealium, Tealium has TiQ + the other UDH  Audience/Event Stream UI) ???




????Anyone Use Tealium to Implement Medallia Digital?

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Tealium Expert

Hi @tsmith93036 ,

Not sure if you have already received the answers to your question. Here are some more thoughts on my quick analysis on this area.

I had a chance to review the template code for Medallia tag in tealium IQ. Detail i could find is that, Tag loads the following Medallia file based on the provided site code and path provided in Tealium IQ tag configuration.


I am not sure what would be the difference between Medallia tag versus Medallia Digital tag. So hoping my above insight would help you determine which tag it is.

I havent worked on this tag earlier. But i can try helping out, if you need any additional details.




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