Best practice for managing large number of DoubleClick tags

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I'm looking for any advice regarding the best way to manage a large number of DC tags across our site. We have multiple tags on individual pages that track separate events / interactions and I am not sure if this is the best way to approach it.


Best practice for managing large number of DoubleClick tags

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Hi @ginny_cobbett,

I see this pattern sometimes with DoubleClick for multiple DC tags with the same advertiser ID, but different types and cats.


For example


Tag 1 loads on Page A, and has advertiser ID xyz, and has type A with cat A

Tag 2 loads on Page B, also with advertiser ID xyz, and has type B with cat B


My preference is to have instead a single DC tag for both cases, loading on both page A and B, and to use lookup table extensions and mappings to set the type and cat.  This reduces the number of tags in the tag list in TiQ, and makes the implementation more maintainable.


A useful feature of Tealium with most tags, including DoubleClick, is that even if you map a data source to a destination, if on a particular page that data source is not populated, then the mapping will not be used.


This means that you can map data sources to for example U1, U2, etc in DoubleClick, without having to worry too much about on which pages your data sources are set.  This is as long as U1, U2 etc mean the same thing in the various cases.


If the advertiser ID is the same for both cases, then the U variables almost certainly have the same meaning too.



Best practice for managing large number of DoubleClick tags

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Hi @ginny_cobbett


I would recommend the same solution as @mark_reddin.


However, the mapping tables have a limitation: You can only specify one search parameter. This can be a problem if you want to fire doubleclick tags on pageviews and event using one tag and mapping table.


My recommended solution for this are helper variables with concatinated strings. You create one that includes url and event information and use this one for the mapping tables




Best practice for managing large number of DoubleClick tags

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@ginny_cobbett @nicolas_kaufman


Hi both,


Just to add the way that we get round the limitation of the lookup table only having one output is to have a concatenated string as the output, then a secondary extension to split that into the other variables.




The in either a Set Data Values Extension or JS Extension extract the values.








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