Best practices on Angular (single page site)

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One of our new sites is being built in Angular. Does anyone have experience on this?

This is what we're currently doing, but it's not giving us the desired result:

On the first page load the utag.js is loaded and executed.
To track the consecutive pageviews we send a UDO variable through utag.view containing the path & language.

When we leave a page and go to the next, we notice 2 pageviews however (towards SiteCatalyst/Adobe Analytics):
- The first happens immediately, containing the old pageName
- The second happens once the new page has loaded (thus through the utag.view call)

I've tried turning off the first pageview (window.utag_cfg_ovrd = {noview : true}; in preloader extension with a condition on that specific hostname), but this still gave us the above-mentioned result.

Additionally, we couldn't find the source of that first call...


Best practices on Angular (single page site)

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It would be hard to answer without seeing how you have implemented. Do you have any links to a site that I can see your implementation live? Also you can see a sample implementation module here If you dont want to share any private info here, reach out to your account manager to connect with me.