Bing Tag (UET) Template

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Recently I was trying to setup custom(hotel event) event tracking in  Bing UET tag but it didn't fire. Then I had to modify the template and chaged the hotel destination variables as below

hct_cid to hct_checkin_date

hct_cod to hct_checkout_date

Is this a problem in the tag template?

FYI: it worked after modification



Bing Tag (UET) Template

Tealium Employee

Hello @vijay_yadav 

I've had a look at the template, ran through a quick example and I can see the following potential issues.


  • The "hotel" event is not in the mapping tool box - are you able to confirm if you are calling this event? If not, the matching event will not fire.
    If you are not firing this, you can create a "custom" mapping in the usual format for triggering events. i.e event_name > trigger : hotel

  • hct_cid does not appear to be sent when the event is tracked - this requires a template update to resolve.

  • bat.js - The vendors JS script loaded on the page, appears to be looking for the values you have updated the template to, 

    hct_checkin_date instead of hct_cid

    hct_checkout_date instead of hct_cod


I'm not sure if this was always a problem with our template, or if the vendor has recently changed the values they are expecting to recieve. Either way, I'll report these issues and request for the template to be corrected / updated.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.


Kind regards,

Bing Tag (UET) Template

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Hi LordLingham,

Thanks for the quick response :) , I have configured hotel event under product audience events and set have set the hotel variables available under product audience hotel. 

Regarding trigger, I have cofigured a UDO variable to match the value present in trigger(confirmation_page). Basically the hotel event should fire when the value in udo variable is "confirmation_page".

hct_cid was not therein the template, I have added it

Bing Tag (UET) Template

Tealium Employee

Hello @sd0418-020 

Thanks for pointing out the hotel event was in the toolbox, just under a heading I didn't expect it!

When updating the template, make sure to update the following block of code, as it seems the values we are sending, currently does not line up with the variables names the vendor tag is expecting.

bing hotel event.png

Woud update to the following, to correct the checkout / checkin / length of stay


bing hotel update.png