Bundling utag.js for Chrome, Safari, Firefox extensions

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Our team is currently working on bundling Tealium's utag.js file into our web extensions so we can have similar tracking in our web app. As of right now, we are considering creating a new profile in the Tag manager where they can load their own utag.js, bundle it into their extension, and then have access to the same methods our web application would.

A couple of concerns we have is we do have a google analytics tag being loaded because we want the mapping of our tealium events into GA. We know that Safari and Firefox review guidelines would probably flag this if we bundled the Tealium utag.js library since it would load Google Analytics behind the scenes.

From here we decided we have a few routes we could go

  1. We have utag.js send events to only Tealium Collect which we then from Universal Data Hub map those events via Connectors to Google Analytics.
  2. We have extensions that do not allow Google Analytics to send XHR requests directly to the Tealium HTTP API.


I was wondering if anyone from Tealium or anyone who has experience with using Tealium on extensions has any thoughts or recommendations for this? We aren't sure if there is something we aren't foreseeing with one or the other. It sounds like the HTTP API would work but we would have to do a decent amount of work for that since we don't get the benefit of utag.js which sends all the Tealium related events we want.

Any thoughts most appreciated.


Bundling utag.js for Chrome, Safari, Firefox extensions

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Hi @ayuan

What I have done with Web Extensions is to use the collect endpoint to send to UDH then map to GA.

That is the lighter weight, and possibly most viable cross-platform option.


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