Call a variable from the AudienceStream into a pixel?

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Bronze Contributor

Is there a simple way to call a variable from the AudienceStream into a pixel?

I currently have a Querystring Parameter in the Data Layer set up to capture a click ID from a URL.

i.e. &aggregatorClickKey=674246742

On the AudienceStream side, I have a Visitor Attribute that sets when aggregatorClickKey is not empty. This should allow the click ID to persist all the way through until the visitor becomes a conversion, at which point the conversion pixel will fire.

The learning center gives the following notation examples for setting dynamic variables within a pixel:

  • Universal Data Object - @@variable@@
  • Javascript Page Variable - @@js_page.variable@@
  • Meta Tag - @@meta.variable@@
  • Querystring Parameter - @@qp.variable@@
  • Cookie Value - @@cp.variable@@

Is there a way to implement this type of notation using Visitor Attribute variables from the AudienceStream, perhaps maybe using the UID (Attribute ID)?

Thank you!


Call a variable from the AudienceStream into a pixel?

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If you have data layer enrichment enabled, you can use the "va" variable associated with the AudienceStream attribute to populate your pixel. You'll need to know the attribute type and ID to properly identify the variable in the data layer. For example, "va.metrics.3542" would correlate to a number attribute with the ID #3452. 

Once you have the correct variable identified, you can reference it using "@@va.metrics.3542@@" in your pixel.

Jen Kaye
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