Can we have mulitple SiteCat tags, and alter trackingServer/trackingServerSecure for just one?

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Our default SC tag goes to our 1st party Omniture servers.  We are trying to clone the data to a 2nd instance routing to a cloud server of our own.

On the default page load tags, each tag is going to the correct domain - it seems to work at that point. But whenever a View or Link event fires in the page, it looks like our default SC tag's 1st party domains are getting overwritten with the trackingServer and trackingServerSecure assignment (via mapping in the 2nd tag) and both tag copies are being sent to the overwritten Server names.

  • each tag has it's own 's' object name
  • our second tag actually uses the domain for the environemtn we're in, dev, stage, etc.

Q) Is there an optoin to alter the 2nd, Cloud SC tag template, and hardcode 'domain' to the trackingServer/trackingServerSecure? Are their two distinct copies of the SC template?






Can we have mulitple SiteCat tags, and alter trackingServer/trackingServerSecure for just one?

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Hi @john_mooney,

It seems like there's an issue with how that SiteCat library handles subsequent calls with multiple servers, as I tried it in the AppMeasurement for JS tag and it works as expected. I'll continue looking into it for a permanent fix, but to answer your question:

Yes, there are mutiple individual templates per tag, they are identified by the UID on the right side of the tag list.  You can see the templates themselves by going up to the top right of TiQ, clicking on your email and selecting "Manage Templates".

As a quick solution, you could go into the 2nd SiteCat template and around line 298 should be the start of the send function:


Beneath this line, you can add:

u.o.trackingServer = "";
u.o.trackingServerSecure = "";

This will force the 2nd template to always use the other endpoint.  

Let me know if you have any other questions,