Change content - which extension, content modification or javascript?

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We are using data to personalize our home page content - both data captured in the data layer and AudienceStream attributes. I have made it work on almost every piece of content with both the content modification extension and the Javascript extension, but have some questions:

- is there any benefit to one vs. the other?
- to use any AudienceStream attributes such as badges, I'm limited to the content modification extension, correct?

I have a css carousel on the page that I want to personalize based on data we know about the visitor - but for some reason no matter which method I choose, the images shown do not change - thought I'd start by asking which way I should be attacking this and go from there.

Thanks for your insights! =)


Change content - which extension, content modification or javascript?

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Both have their pluses and minuses, we tend to lean towards our extensions because the javascript has already been tested and there is limited opportunity for end user typos. However the extension can also have its limitations where pure javascript will not have the same limitations. At the same time you might want to think about who will be supporting the pure javascript extension. Could other people within your organization pick up and support the javascript extension you write?

Let us know if you were looking for more details on the differences and we can get those to you.