Channels Extension doesn't work on event calls?

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Hi all


I have a very specific problem: I configured the channels extension to get a basic version of campaign touchpoint tracking in Webtrends. However, as soon as the load rule for publishing the values is set to an event instead of "All Pages", the values are not published to the data layer any more. Looking inside via console brings "undefined" for the extension's variables after the repective call was fired.


Could it be that the Channels Extension only works with utag.view events? If so: Is there a way to change this? The application I want to measure is ajax based so I have no other choice...


Thank you for your input!


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Channels Extension doesn't work on event calls?

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@nicolas_kaufman You are correct, the channels extension only works with utag.view calls and currently there is no way to change this.  

Channels Extension doesn't work on event calls?

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So there is away that you can do this, if you really need it to be done. I would recommend that you speak to your Account Manager about it first. But in essence what you can do is:




//JS Extension

if ("link" == a /*&& Some other condition*/) {
  b.was_view = !0;
  a = "view";



//Channels Extension



//JS Extension
if (b.was_view) {
  b.was_view = !1;
  a = "link";




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