Consent Management Display Rules do not seem to work with Explicit Consent Prompt

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I am having a few issues with Explicit Consent Prompt:

1) It doesn't matter which Display rule i set (other then 'All Pages'), the explicit prompt never fires. When i debug the utag.js file i can see that the utag.cond entries are all set to 0, and they start getting set after so it looks like this would never work unless i am missing something?

2) When the above scenarios happens. I expect no tags to be triggered as the Default opt in is set to "Off" and no tags are being omitted yet it runs all the tags which seems incorrect to me and a violation of consent management.

3) is there a way to not make the explicit consent prompt fire without it being based on the CONSENTMGR cookie That way we can decide when it gets triggered?

Is anyone else experiencing this or can help with the correct configuration of consent management?




Consent Management Display Rules do not seem to work with Explicit Consent Prompt

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Hello @hemangraj 


1) This is a known issue when the DOM ready event firees slightly too early - This will be fixed in an upcoming upgrade to consent manager, but for now, if you message me with your account/profile where this is happening / raise a ticket a colleague or I can perform an update which would resolve this issue


2) This is related to part 1 - the loadrules are not met so utag believes that consent manager should not be running, and will fire all tags regardless of consent (as if you didnt have consent manager enabled)


3) It's possible to change the logic to prevent this firing.
To fire it yourself at anytime, you can use "utag.gdpr.showExplicitConsent()" which will show the popup