Consent Management Prompt / Banner Persistence

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Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to change the display / persistence of the GDPR consent prompt banner?

Currently it looks like it will display the prompt if the CONSENTMGR cookie does not exist. It will then set the cookie as a session cookie and automatically fade out the banner after 3 minutes:

document.cookie = 'CONSENTMGR=c%7Cts:' + new Date().getTime() + '%7Cconsent:true;path=/;domain=xxx'
setTimeout(function () {
}, 180000)

Because the cookie has been set, it will no longer display the banner during that session:

if (utag.gdpr.consent_prompt.isEnabled) {
    if (!utag.gdpr.consent_prompt.noShow) {
        if (!utag.gdpr.getConsentState()) {

My team is looking to actually keep the banner active on the site until a decision is explicitly made. We have added a deny button to close the banner, but if the user doesn't deny or accept, the banner should not disappear and should display on every page.

I have not been able to find a configuration value to override the default display / disappear behavior. Is this possible?


Consent Management Prompt / Banner Persistence


Hi @matthew_grinspa,

if I've understood correctly, the behavior you're looking for is, in fact, our default behavior. 

To my knowledge, that jQuery fadeOut code you pasted isn't part of our out-of-the-box solution, so if you can find where that code was added as a customization (likely one of the CM templates or a JS extension), it should be pretty straightfoward to simply remove it.

Does that help?