Consent preferences dialog

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Good morning,

it's Patricia ;) I have a doubt related to Consent preferences Dialog. I'm implementing Consent Prompt Manager and Consent Preferencies in my website. I have implemented the funcionality below:

- Consent Prompt Manager appers

- User say yes (he want to be tracked)

- Consent Preferences Dialog appear with different options 

- User select the funcionalities he wants to be tracked and this is what is not working

When user select any option and click in the confirm button, the page is reloaded and the funcionality of preferences dialog is not working, as we're tracking the user anyway even if he decides to not be tracked for analytics (for example). If, for example, he says YES in the consent prompt manager, and the deactivates all the fields, he's being tracked anyway. I don't know how can I solve this.



Thank you in advanced


Consent preferences dialog

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Tealium Expert

Hello  @mkdigital  - are you also using the  Privacy Manager extension?  I think  the  two work together to get the functionality  you  want.  Search the forum for full documentation of both.