Cookies in tags

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When adding a tag it is important to know if you are setting any cookies.

It seems like som tags, set cookies and some do not. I am trying to be compliant regarding cookies that we set on our website, which is made a lot easier with tealium. But I am also documenting where the cookies are coming from so we can sort them correctly and can show excatly what we are doing regarding cookies. But I cant see in tealium if a tag is setting a cookie or which cookie it is.


Am I looking the wrong places ?

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Cookies in tags

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Hi @Lean ,

That sounds like a tough task.  In some instances, you can look at the Tag's Template within Tealium (Tag Configuration>Advanced Settings> Edit Template)


You may see a line of code that is creating the cookie, but oftentimes, we make an API call to download the Vendor's Library, and the vendor's code will actually contain the script to create the cookie.  If you want a general idea of where certain cookies are coming from.  You can open up a website within Chrome and open Dev Tools.  Within Dev Tools go to the Application Tab and under Cookies, select the website.  Under the Domain column, you will see where the cookie was originated from:


As for what the cookie is doing, you may need to search through the Vendor's documentation. Hope this helps!