Copy and paste hacky solution (Uses profile library inheritance)

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I've browsed across the forums to find a copy and paste functionality but couldn't find anything suitable that fit my needs. I really was just looking for a quick and easy way to copy a couple of tags and extensions from one profile to many others and modify them accordingly. I thought a profile library would be perfect however realized that any elements imported into a profile from a library couldn't be edited based on the article here:

Well I figured it's time I give back to this community which has helped me tremendously with the amount of solid material across the board. It's a simple hack really, that utilizes a profile library to act as a copy and paste method. Here it goes!


1. Create a profile library with all the bells and whistles you'd like to copy over to how many number of profiles you want. Set any tags/extensions/load rules you've created in this library from on to off.


2. Link the profile library to the profile(s) you want through the "Manage Profiles" option. Click apply and navigate to the profile you've linked.


3. As you enter your profile, you'll notice that it has inherited all the stuff you've created in the library. Say for example you wanted to copy a tag. All you need to do is to select the inherited tag you'd like to copy, and click "Copy..." below the logo of the tag on the left. You end up with a fully editable tag that was copied from the library. You can do the same for extensions by selecting the library extension you want and clicking "Duplicate" on the left of the extension description.


4. Here's where the magic happens. Now go back to "Manage Profiles" without leaving the current profile view and unlink the profile you're in from the specified library and apply the changes. You'll notice that the profile you're in now, is left with whatever it had originally, plus whatever you've copied/duplicated from the library without any of the library non-editable stuff. 


5. Unfortunately, the only thing that doesn't seem possible through this hack is to copy and paste the data layer variables used. You'll still have to manually add in the required variables according to how you've defined them in the library otherwise you're gonna reference non-existent variables in your newly copied stuff. Once you've added in the variables, save and publish your shiny new profile because you've earned it!


Let me know if this helps you or if there's anything I've missed. Have fun!


Copy and paste hacky solution (Uses profile library inheritance)

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Nice @leejon! Thank you for sharing!

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