Currency Code in Adobe Analytics

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I am looking for the best solution to set the Adobe Analytics Currency Code (cc) dynamically. I was assuming the E-Commerce Extension would do the job but it apparently doesnt. Some information about my implementation:

  • SiteCat Code Version H.27
  • Utag Version 4.28
  • E-Commerce Currency (_ccur) set to utag_data var "order_currency". Shows the correct value.
  • Adobe Analytics Tag "Currency Code" setting = "" (empty) because I need it to be a dynamic value from "order_currency".


However, the Sitecatalyst tag does not get the Currency code. This would show in parameter "cc". But with the above setting, the param cc is not set.


There is no mapping available for the Currency Code in the AA toolbox.



Do I really need to set the "cc" param with a dedicated "Set Data Value" extension? That's the only thing I can think of.


Many thanks in advance for your ideas.



Currency Code in Adobe Analytics

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You can do a custom top-level mapping for currencyCode and it will be mapped to the cc param for you.




I might also suggest raising a request for the mapping toolbox to be updated as well.



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Currency Code in Adobe Analytics

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Hi Adrian

Excellent! That works. I could not find any reference to how AA's Currency Code is called syntactically correct.

That's fine for me like that but I agree that it would be a good idea to have the currency code in the mapping toolbox.

Thanks a lot and kind regards...Jean-Marc