Custom Container tag adding template of another tag

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I have access to two Tealium properties and I'm unable to add the Custom Container tag on one whiel the other one works fine with this tag.   I see that after adding the tag when I go to Templates, this tag's template is not the plain template one expects of a TCC tag but that of Google Analytics or Marketo Munchkin or some such specific tag that I did not add at all.  This is mysterious.  Can you help me please.   In case it is relevant, the last time this profile was modified was 9 months back.  I don't know if this is a factor.  

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Custom Container tag adding template of another tag

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Tealium Expert

Hi @sujani_koya -  I recommend  using the  Tag Status Checker on each profile to see  the differences between the profiles.  You may need to update one or more templates, especially the utag.loader template.  Search on this forum for complete  instructions if you find that the  templates are out  of date.  Let us know how it goes and good luck!