Custom SCode for Adobe Analytics

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It seems that you can't add a custom scode in the Adobe Analytics plugins (it only allows you to specify an app measurement version). 

Is there an option to do this?


Custom SCode for Adobe Analytics

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Community Manager

@leodb Typically the only part of your scode that is customized for your installation is the plugins and modules section. The core code of scode is the same for all Adobe customers. Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up Adobe Analytics, including how to add the plugins and modules code as extensions. Hope that helps!

Configuring Adobe Analytics in Tealium iQ

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Custom SCode for Adobe Analytics

Tealium Expert
Tealium Expert

Hello @leodb 

If you are looking to change the scode version from other than what Tealium has provided in the drop down list (like below image 1), if my understanding is correct, then you need to make changes in the tag template.


Steps to change custom scode/app measurement version:

  1. After logging in, Click on your Initials at top right corner
  2. Select Manage Templates
  3. Select the respective Adobe Sitecatalyst Tag
  4. IMPORTANT: Take a copy of the template before making any changes. Once saved you will not be able to rollback. Need to contact Tealium AM to get the old version.
  5. Scroll down a bit and you will notice the scode/app measurement code starts.
  6. Select the existing version on the code and replace it with your custom version.
  7. you will find Tealium's other default codes and make sure you are not deleting any additional default codes other than the Sitecatalyst.
  8. Save the template and close
  9. Publish the changes

Note: If you are not comfortable doing the template changes please reach out Tealium AM who can help you engaging an Tealium support expert.

Hope this helps.