Custom dimension timestamp

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Hi, I need to use a custom timestamp like 2020-09-18T17:56:53.679-05:00 With the time zone.

I created a UDO variable

_timestamp (UDO)

And added a javascript extension 

// Type your JavaScript code here...

b._timestamp = (function() {
  var now = new Date();
  var tzo = -now.getTimezoneOffset();
  var dif = tzo >= 0 ? '+' : '-';
  var pad = function(num) {
    var norm = Math.abs(Math.floor(num));
    return (norm < 10 ? '0' : '') + norm;
  return now.getFullYear() + '-' + pad(now.getMonth()+1) + '-' + pad(now.getDate()) + 'T' + pad(now.getHours()) + ':' + pad(now.getMinutes()) + ':' + pad(now.getSeconds()) + '.' + pad(now.getMilliseconds()) + dif + pad(tzo / 60) + ':' + pad(tzo % 60);

Linked to Google Analytics mapped variables _timestamp to a custom dimension.

But the _timestamp keeps the initial value,

I tried to use tealium_timestamp_local or tealium_timestamp_utc but we need the timezone, I need a way to create a similar function that is triggered when any GA action is fired.

Thank you!


Custom dimension timestamp

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Tealium Expert

HI @ChristianLeyva 

Not sure why this is not working for you. 

I tried to replicate but get expected result, here is what i did: 

I setup a BLR extention with your code:


Mapped the _timestamp to a CD for all page hits


I have a document click handler set to generate a GA event for testing. As you see below each hit generated a new timestamp. 


Hope this helps. 

Not sure if it is related, but if it is still not working for you. try create a new data layer var, and using the set data extention, set it to the _timestamp and publish. 

If it gets it working, then remove the set var extention and it should continue working (i don't know the why, but when i get the odd gremlin like this, sometimes it gets things working....)



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Custom dimension timestamp

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I checked run once... that's why it didn't work, was my fault, thank you!!!