Deciphering utag.loader.cfg

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Hi All,


Can someone help me understand utag.loader.cfg - or point to some documentation?

1: the tag loads once, so why is 'load:4'?

57: if the tag is sent ('send:1'), then why is 'load:0'?




'send' and 'wait' seem understandable as they correspond with the output of tagdb. But 'load' does not. Also, it only seems to have values 0, 1, or 4 - regardless of the tag firing or not, or the firing rules used.




Deciphering utag.loader.cfg

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Based on my analysis, utag.loader.cfg object contains all the list of tags defined through tealium IQ.


Following are the status i could understand

1 - Tag is loaded on the page

0 - Tag is not loaded on the page

4 - i havent came across with a 4 status for any of my tags. So not very sure on it. 


if you have a website, where i could see this code running, would probably further check there and share the findings.


Hope this helps.







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Deciphering utag.loader.cfg

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Just to add to @abrahameaso response.


  • load can be
    • 1 - load,
    • 0 - not load,
    • 4 - bundled
    • 1 / 0 - are most likely the result of the load rules being processed, look in the utag file for the conditions
  • send can be
    • 1 - call send function
    • 0 - don’t call send function
    • a load rule condition outcome if bundled
  • tid - is the template id
  • wait - if the wait flag is set
  • v - the current version (i.e. the publish time stamp for that tag)
  • tcat - the category id for either the consent preferences manager or the privacy manager extension
    • 0 represents a tag that has been ommited. 




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Deciphering utag.loader.cfg

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Thanks again @adrian_browning, I didn't take the bundling into account.

Deciphering utag.loader.cfg

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Hey @adrian_browning you ROCK .....

Deciphering utag.loader.cfg

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Just to add to that, if Privacy Manager is enabled and tags are being managed by category, then the tag config object also has a tcat property, which is the category ID for the tag in question, identifiable in the OPTOUTMULTI cookie preceded by a c, so "0:0|c1:0|c2:1" for categories 1 (opted in) and 2 (opted out). If tcat is set to zero, it means the tag has been omitted from Privacy Manager and will fire irrespective of consent settings.

Deciphering utag.loader.cfg

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Hi @adrian_browning!

Thanks for the further explanation.

Could you please provide us with an answer to why load could be set to 0 and send to 1?

Does it make any sense?


Deciphering utag.loader.cfg

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For unbundled tags, load is based on evaluating the relevant load rule, whereas send defaults to 1. So if a given tag's load rule condition isn't met, @johannaalvarez, it's through the load flag that it's suppressed, rather than the send flag (which will never be tested if the tag hasn't been loaded).