Deduplicating Events on Facebook's Conversions API

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We just recently implemented the Conversions API on Facebook to send bookings data from both the Pixel and the API. However, we noticed that events are not deduplicated correctly through the “eventid” parameter. Currently we are sending the following data (Attached Screenshot with Facebook’s Best practices). Does this implementation look ok? Or do you have any suggestions for us on this topic.



Deduplicating Events on Facebook's Conversions API

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Hi @north

If you implemented the Facebook pixel using Tealium IQ then make sure that you enabled the "Generate Event ID" turned on which will generate a random ID and sent it to the pixel automatically and the same is also passed to Tealium Eventstream as shown below.fbeventid.png

And in the server-side eventstream, add all the eventid attributes which you want to send to Facebook.

For example, if you want to send a pageview event from the server-side then as shown in the above screenshot there is an attribute called "fb_event_id_PageView" is available, make sure that you have added this attribute as eventstream attribute in order to send the ID, likewise for each standard event an Event ID attribute with the name is populated for example: "fb_event_id_ViewContent".

Once you can have a separate event feed created for all the events that you want to send to Facebook, next step would be creating a Facebook Conversion action using those event feed.

For example, if you want to send pageviews then you'll create an event feed that makes sure that only pageviews events are being included, then you'll create an FB conversion action using this event feed and your event data mapping will look like something like thisfbconversionmapping.png

once you finish your connector configuration and publish the changes then this setup will make sure that the correct eventid is being passed for the pageview.

likewise for other events also please make sure to use the event-based event ID attribute in your mapping.



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