Deploying code through utag.sync template on a profile library

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I'm trying to standardize code that gets deployed in the utag.sync.js file between multiple profiles using a profile library. I've created a profile library which currently contains two profiles. When I add code to the sync template in the profile library and save/publish, if I go into the two individual profiles and save/publish, the changes in utag.sync.js are not appearing. Does anyone know why this is happening?


Deploying code through utag.sync template on a profile library

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Tealium Expert

Hello @kevinwysocki ,

I had a chance to review the details you have shared. Per my knowledge, the profile library imports the following configurations to the linked profile. 

  • Variables
  • Extensions
  • Consent Manager
  • Load Rules
  • Publish Settings
  • Tags
  • Users

I too tested a utag.sync.js file and see if that is imported into the linked profile. I am receiving the same behaviour as you noticed. This make me think that, the non tag templates are not shared with the linked profile. I may be wrong too. @TealiumJustin or @UnknownJ requesting your thoughts and see if you can better assist here.



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Deploying code through utag.sync template on a profile library

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@abrahameaso @kevinwysocki You are both correct. The built-in tags (utag.js and utag.sync.js) are not affected by library imports. You will always get the profile's instance of those two tags.

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