Drag and drop code not firing as an extension

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Hi all

I have created an extension with DOM-ready scope to facilitate the drag-drop for file attachment. When a user drags a xml file from his Desktop and drops it on the file attachment area on the page, the event should fire. 

The code works fine on the browser's console, but not firing as an Tealium extension. Can someone have any solution to this issue? or any lead? 

Thanks in advance


Drag and drop code not firing as an extension

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Hey @dm !


If the code is working in your console but not loading through the extension. This suggests to me that this is a "timing" issues often seen with older versions / syntax for jQuery. But seen with "vanilla JS" event listener code too.

(Assuming your extensions conditions are met, but I'm assuming you checked that)


It sounds like an event listener is trying to be attached to an element on the page which may not exist at the time the extension runs.


It's hard to give more advice that that without seeing the code or the page to debug, if you are able to provide a snippet of the code to have a look at that would be great.


Alternatively feel free to message me some details I can use to "debug" the script on your webpage - or raise a ticket with support and someone there will be happy to do the same for you!