E-commer extension with Adobe Analytics

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I gone through the complete basics of E-commerce Extension, like to understand the behavior of this extension with Adobe  analytics.


Can you please share / suggest how to deeply understand E-commerce extension with Adobe Analytics.


E-commer extension with Adobe Analytics

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Hi @tester123  - the ecommerce extension takes a lot of the grunt work away from an Adobe Analytics implementation as long as you get the inputs right.  If you get the inputs right, the ecommerce ext. will feed Google Analytics and tags / integrations as well.


Did you have some specific questions?

E-commer extension with Adobe Analytics

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The basic premise is this:

Our tag template logic includes conditions to check if any e-commerce variables are populated in the data layer (eg "order_id" populates "_corder"), and use those values for the default tag mapping

For example, for an e-commerce site that tracks orders, in the tag you may have to normally map "orderId" to "order_id", and the same for each of the other order data points.

By configuring the extension, you save yourself the trouble of setting up the mapping for these data points for every tag you use, as the tag would reference "_corder" for the "orderId" every time it was available.