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Enabling Custom Destination on Rakuten Marketing tag


I am trying to add the custom destination called ranMID to the Rakuten Marketing tag but it does not appear to be working.  Should you guys specifically enable the adding of a custom destination to a tag? In that case can you please enable that for Rakuten Marketing tag? The other option would be to add ranMID variable as one of the destinations for mapping to the tag template itself.


I'll be needing to use this tag a lot.  It will be very helpful if you can do one of the 2 things I suggested here.


Thanks a lot,

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Re: Enabling Custom Destination on Rakuten Marketing tag



I believe we have resolved this via your ticket submitted to your AM, but for your reference a custom mapping would need to be configured within the actual tag template in order for the ranMID to be passed over to the custom Rakuten object. 

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